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Comments on 20th Annual Observance of World Teachers’ Day

“Since 1994, World Teachers’ Day has been observed to recognize the importance of educators both as professionals and as leaders in communities across the globe. The theme of this year’s commemoration is ‘invest in the future; invest in teachers.’
“We couldn’t agree more. When provided with support and resources — and shown respect and treated as professionals — the long-term impact that educators have on their students cannot be overstated.
“Don’t just take it from a union that represents thousands of teachers, paraprofessionals, and school support personnel. In poll results released last week by the organization Democrats for Public Education, Americans expressed strong support and admiration for public school teachers.
“The national poll of 1,200 active Democratic, Republican, and unaffiliated voters found that among those with children in public schools, 93 percent rated their teachers as ‘excellent,’ ‘very good,’ or ‘good.’
“In other words — despite the claims of some so-called ‘reformers’ — parents do not ‘blame’ teachers for any perceived lack of performance in their child’s school. 
“On the contrary, 87% of voters identified three factors that educators know firsthand are the real reasons why our public schools are not performing better than they are:
  • 40% attributed “lack of parental involvement and support;”
  • 29% attributed “inadequate funding and resources for public schools;” &
  • 18% attributed the “effects of poverty, hardship and problems kids bring to school.”
“I hope that education policy leaders will use World Teachers Day as an opportunity to commit themselves to investing in teachers and discarding market-based reform strategies that pit key stakeholders against each other. That is how we can more effectively ‘invest in the future.'”
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