Executive Committee

There are 28 elected members on the AFT Connecticut Executive Committee, including the three lead officers who oversee the state federation’s day-to-day activities and finances. Together they make decisions implementing policy and goals set at quarterly Delegate Assembly meetings and the annual convention. The committee gathers monthly to ensure the state federation and affiliated local unions are fulfilling AFT Connecticut’s mission.

The current members of the Executive Committee were elected in May, 2023 by delegates to the 76th annual business convention for two year terms effective July 1. At the event, a constitutional amendment establishing an additional at-large vice president was also adopted and that position was filled at the Executive Committee’s September 7, 2023 meeting

At-Large Vice Presidents

Joan Andrews
Paul Angelucci
Stuart Beckford
Denise Bouffard
John DiSette
Kathy Fischer
Carol Gale
Trent Harrison
Heather Howlett, CA
Sue Humanick
Kristen Malloy-Scanlon
Lauren Mancini-Averitt
Steve McKeever
Mike Reynolds
Ally Sexton
Janice Stauffer, RN
Mary Symkowicz
Louise Williams
Mary Yordon

Division Vice Presidents

Leslie Blatteau
Dennis Bogusky
Higher Education
Shellye Davis
Paraprofessionals & School-Related Personnel
Sherri Dayton, RN
Nurses and Health Professionals
Bill Garrity, RN
Public Employees
Walter O'Connor, RN

(Sep. 8, 2023 update)