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AFT Connecticut represents thousands working in the state’s executive and judicial branches, as well as the career and technical education system, colleges and universities, in addition to several local municipalities. Our federation is also part of the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), which serves to unite the major unions representing over 40,000 full and part-time Connecticut state workers.

Timely updates and relevant resources for members of SEBAC-affiliated locals are available at the coalition’s website, linked above.

Click here for SEBAC v. Rowland lawsuit settlement information from the firm representing the coalition (Nov., 2022).

State workers whose rights to collective bargaining have been historically restricted under the law are also a part of our labor family. Since the 2017 affiliation with the Association of Managerial Employees in the Connecticut State Service (AMECSS), hundreds have joined together for a stronger voice on the job.

Click here to send email requesting more information about our Managerial + Exempt (M+E) Employees (or access their website at the Locals section, linked above).

Public Employees News

  • “Keeping the Pressure On” for Improved Working Conditions

    A new survey of adjunct faculty from our national union underscores the continuing crisis faced by millions of contingent workers at America’s colleges and universities. AFT’s latest “Army of Temps” report, the third in a series, finds little improvement to poverty wages and untenable conditions in the wake of the pandemic. It documents the troubling…

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  • Standing Up “For All, Not Just Some” to Produce Big Returns

    The combination of solidarity, persistence and patience is a potent formula for fueling labor-management negotiations aimed at substantially moving the needle for union members. That has proven to be the case for several recent contract wins featuring significant economic gains. Our latest collective bargaining report spotlights a victory rooted in unity and tenacity by paraprofessionals…

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  • Securing ‘Hero Pay’ for Unprecedented Service

    The global COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly the greatest collective challenge our union members have faced in their lifetimes. Securing adequate compensation for the risks taken by frontline “essential” workers has been a daunting and often frustrating challenge. Our latest collective bargaining report highlights how public employee members tapped the power of “Union YES” to move…

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