“Opt-Out” Scheme

Because union members enjoy important protections and the benefits of a collective voice, we have access to powerful tools for advancing public policies and making improvements on the job. That’s why we are targeted by politicians and the corporate CEOs who bankroll them; they see us as standing in their way.

Their latest scheme to weaken the labor movement is a multi-million dollar political operation here in Connecticut and across the country launched in 2014 by the dark money-funded Freedom Foundation. Through various front groups, their operatives exploit state laws to get their hands on our members’ personal information to send unwanted ads pitching a deceptive “opt-out” narrative.

Thankfully, these misleading emails, suspicious social media posts and deceptive leaflets aren’t landing as intended. Far from detracting from our membership and power, AFT Connecticut has achieved record growth since 2018 when these tactics were first deployed in the Nutmeg State.

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