Greater Strength in Unity

Unions have played a critical role in building and protecting the middle class here in Connecticut and across America. We raise standards for both members and working people without the benefit of a contract or collective bargaining rights. We advocate for policies that benefit all families, such as:

  • higher minimum wages;
  • paid time off;
  • workplace safety protections;
  • affordable healthcare; &
  • retirement security.

When working people come together, we have a far more powerful voice and much greater influence on the issues that affect us in our workplaces and in our communities.

That’s why Wall Street-funded special interests have long sought to undermine America’s labor movement. Their aim is maximizing profits at the expense of working people and silencing the collective voice of the middle class.

We’re resisting the latest divisive scheme to trick members into dropping out of our movement by publicly demonstrating the benefits of choosing “Union YES.” Be part of this important effort – and encourage your colleagues to join you today.

Click here to print your own “I Am #UnionYES” sign for sharing on social media.

Select “Union-Busters” and “Opt-Out Scheme” from this section’s sub-menu (above) to learn more about dark money funded groups attempting to silence our voices and their latest propaganda push in Connecticut.