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Question 1 – Vote YES for a Stronger Democracy

The fact is that Connecticut has among the most restrictive voting procedures in the nation — people have less opportunity to vote here than in dozens of states around the country. As a result, our voter turnout is abysmal.
Thirty-three states permit early voting, and 27 will mail an absentee ballot to any eligible voter who requests one. Passage of Question 1 would allow Connecticut to do so, too. 
Nationwide, an estimated 32 million American voters cast their ballots before Election Day in 2012 — nearly 25 percent of the entire electorate. Connecticut voters deserve the same opportunity.
Voting YES can help families, commuters, employees, employers, seniors and students — anyone eligible to vote. That’s why AFT Connecticut’s executive committee voted to support the State Constitutional Amendment, and urges a YES vote on Question 1.
Don’t just take our word for it. The Hartford Courant, in an editorial last month said:
“The possible changes to voting rules that would come if the amendment is approved would help commuters, busy parents, the elderly and students find more time to vote…at a time when some states are wrongly cutting back on voting rights, Connecticut is seeking to extend them. It’s on the right side.”
Click here for a leaflet on the “Vote YES Connecticut” campaign to share with fellow union members.
As Americans, voting is among our most fundamental rights. Especially here in Connecticut — the Constitution State — eliminating obstacles so that residents can exercise that right is why Question 1 is so important.
Click here for additional “Vote YES CT” resources, including the actual language that will be on the Nov. 4 ballot. 
Paid for by AFT Connecticut PAC. This message was made independent of any political party, candidate or other political action committee.

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