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The Great American Teach-Off

One K through 6 and one 7 through 12 teacher will each receive a $10,000 classroom grant.

If you know an innovative teacher that has made a positive impact on you, your child, or community, don’t forget to nominate him or her (it can even be you) to participate. There are only three questions to answer on the form and the submission period ends February 15 noon PT, so don’t be shy, tell us why your favorite teacher deserves a huge gold star!

Whether a teacher has developed a unique curriculum, project idea, or community program, we want to hear all about him or her. Let’s recognize teachers going the extra mile to push students to learn and think in different ways so that they can graduate successfully and achieve beyond the classroom.

Click here to submit a K-6 Teacher

Click here to submit a 7-12 Teacher.


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