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What a difference a vote makes

At the end of the night, the votes in the 5th assembly district showed a tie between AFT Connecticut Second Vice President Leo Canty and Brandon McGee. The Secretary of the State’s office conducted a recount of the votes in Windsor and Hartford and Canty won by one vote.

The only people who vote more often than union members are seniors. AFT Connecticut and other union members showed up and made the difference.

“I want to thank everyone who came out to vote,” said Canty. “This election was about making sure working families have a strong voice at the capitol. I will be the voice of the ninety-nine percent.”

Canty has been a vocal advocate for AFT Connecticut members for many years. “It’s time to take that advocacy inside the legislature,” Canty added.

Connecticut has seen numerous labor union members in the legislature, as well as elections decided by a slim margin.

“This election proved the power one vote has,” said Canty. “Union members who vote in November will be deciding who we send to the White House, congress and the legislature. They hold the power.”


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