Regulations and Legislation

Definition of a Paraprofessional (CT):  The following is the CT State Department of Education’s definition of a paraprofessional:A paraprofessional is an employee who assists teachers and/or other professional educators or therapists in the delivery of instructional and related services to students. The paraprofessional works under the direct supervision of the teacher or other certified or licensed professional. The ultimate responsibility for the design, implementation and evaluation of instructional programs, including assessment of student progress, is a collaborative effort of certified and licensed staff. Connecticut Regulations Section 10-145d-401 requires anyone employed by a local public school district that is not directly supervised in the delivery of instructional services to have appropriate state certification. Click here for the statute language. PRI Briefing Report and Findings and Recommendations: The Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee authorized a study of school paraprofessionals in April 2006.  The study focused on whether Connecticut should establish minimum standards for public school paraprofessionals who perform instructional tasks for students in kindergarten though twelfth grade (K-12) and whether different categories should be established for different duties.  Links to the briefing report, executive summaries, and final report, click here CT Paraprofessional Legislation

Sec. 10-155k of the 2008 Supplement to the General Statutes requires the Commissioner of Education to establish a School Paraprofessional Advisory Council consisting of one representative from each state-wide bargaining representative organization that represents school paraprofessionals with instructional responsibilities. The council shall advise, at least quarterly, the Commissioner of Education, or the commissioner’s designee, of the needs for the training of such paraprofessionals and the effectiveness of the content and the delivery of existing training for such paraprofessionals. School Paraprofessional Advisory Council