The Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) has been approved through Charter Oak State College to offer the COMPASS paraprofessional training to practicing and aspiring paraprofessionals who are seeking collegiate credits. The following courses are available for credit: Introduction to Paraprofessional (3 credits), Paraprofessional Internship (2 credits), Behavior Techniques (3 credits), Exceptional Learners (3 credits), and Working with the Autistic Learner and Assistive technology (3 credits).
If you wish to prepare for a job as paraprofessional or to obtain a college degree, these courses will benefit you and the district where you work. For those of you who work in a district that provides tuition reimbursement, it is likely that these courses will qualify for reimbursement. These courses are designed for students who work during the day and so they can be provided at the district after working hours, making it easier for working paraprofessionals to attend.
If you are interested in obtaining credit while learning relevant information to a present or future job, contact Peg MacDonald, TABS Support Team Director (860) 524-4037