Internships & Jobs

Internship Opportunities
AFT Connecticut’s political, legislative, community engagement, and communications departments offer internship opportunities with academic credit and work experience for students enrolled in a two- or four-year college or university. Participants support the state federation’s legislative, political, and organizing agendas and their efforts have a meaningful impact on affiliated union members as well as their workplaces and communities.
For the Winter 2020 semester, the communications department will seek candidates for AFT Connecticut’s internship program. The position will be home-based, to facilitate social distancing requirements, and approximately four months in duration.
Click here to send e-mail to our communications coordinator regarding internship opportunities.
AFT additionally offers internship opportunities in the research department at our national union headquarters in Washington, DC. 
Click here to access information for candidates interested in applying for an AFT Research Internship.

Employment Opportunities
AFT Connecticut will post notices of job openings as they are available. Positions qualifying for union representation will include contractual wage scales, healthcare and retirement benefits set by collective bargaining agreement.
AFT Connecticut is an equal opportunity employer and all are encouraged to apply.