Professional Development

"Future of Common Core" Workshop for Educators
Wed, 03/19/2014 - 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM at AFT Connecticut
Teachers & Paraprofessionals: Learn ways to become more comfortable with the CCSS practice and develop an understanding of the focus and coherence in elementary mathematics as we experience the shifts. Click here to learn more.

Para Workshop: Health & Wellness
Tue, 04/08/2014 - 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM at AFT Connecticut
Explore the physical, emotional, and environmental aspects; create a wellness “toolbox” for paraprofessionals and students; and take action and become a model for students by creating your own personal wellness plan. Click here to learn more.

New Science Standards Released

The new Science standards have been released. AFT is supporting these standards and here is the site so you can look at them and view some videos about them.

How to run a parent-teacher conference.

Part 1: An example

How to run a parent-teacher conference
Part 2: Analysis of the conference

Professional Development Requirements/CEU information
Public Act 12-116 an Act Concerning Education Reform

This bill eliminates the requirement that a professional certificate holder complete 90 CEU’s in order to renew his/her professional certificate. Instead the certificate is valid for 5 years and is required to be continued every 5 years.
Also instead of the CEU’s, starting, July 1, 2013, all certificate holders must participate in professional development activities. These activities must be part of a plan developed by the district PD committee. This committee was established in 2010 under PA 10-220a and still stands. This committee must include members of the bargaining unit who are chosen by the bargaining unit. This committee’s charge is to develop, evaluate and update annually the PD plan for the district. This new professional development must be offered by the district for 18 hours and  the majority of which to be delivered in small groups or individual settings  informed by evaluations. These activities shall include among others

  • Improve integration of reading, literacy and  numeracy enhancement, and cultural awareness
  • Improve ELL teaching practices
  • Foster collective responsibility for student performance
  • Be used to improve practice  based on teacher evaluations
  • Be comprehensive, sustained, and intensive enough increase teacher effectiveness