Legislative Action

Legislative/Political Action Committee (LPAC)
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Appointees to AFT Connecticut's Legislative/Political Action Committee (LPAC) are members selected and approved to serve by their local union's leadership or LPAC. These "legislative liaisons" play an important role in shaping public policy in order to improve the lives of all our state’s working families.
AFT Connecticut's LPAC typically meets the first Tuesday of each month at the federation's union headquarters in Rocky Hill.
Our liaison program has formed relationships that go beyond our union’s lobbyist and has augmented our presence at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford for over a decade. Our liaisons have helped win many policy battles over the year.
We hope to maintain and improve our legislative liaison program for the 2015-2016 legislative session. To this end, we have four major goals:
  • To engage more members in the legislative liaison program;
  • Developing a relationship between liaisons and their legislators;
  • Liaisons will lobby their legislators on legislation; &
  • Liaisons will mobilize their legislators for AFT Connecticut regional events.
Click here to request appointment as an LPAC legislative liaison online.
Click here to download and print the LPAC legislative liaison request form.

State Legislative Agenda

Each year, AFT Connecticut advocates for legislation and a state budget at the Connecticut General Assembly that protect and improve the quality of life for our members and their communities. Affiliated local unions appoint members to serve on the federation's LPAC whose responsibilities include reviewing and recommending to AFT Connecticut’s Executive Committee and state-level issues to prioritize.
In addition to an annual legislative issues conference at the Capitol, regional meetings are scheduled to bring lawmakers and union members together to discuss AFT Connecticut’s public policy program. The meetings are held throughout the state and take place during the first three months of each legislative session.
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