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Comments on Resignation of Connecticut Education Department Chief

Melodie Peters, president of AFT Connecticut, made the following remarks on the announcement today by the Malloy-Wyman Administration that the State Department of Education's commissioner would not serve a second term:

Report Wrongly Discounts Role of Support Staff in Schools

AFT is challenging the assumptions of a new report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute on school support staff, which suggests that the increase in the number of these employees is "adding more hands, but not necessarily more value."
Click here for press coverage of the report.

"Pensionomics 2014:" Retirement Security is Good for the Economy

A new economic analysis from the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS) finds that defined benefit (DB) pensions have a significant impact: 6.2 million American jobs and $943 billion in economic output. In Connecticut alone, the study finds that each taxpayer dollar invested in state and local plans supports $3.99 in total economic activity -- an overall economic impact of $6.6 billion.
Click here for a two-page summary of the study's key findings for Connecticut.

Campbell Brown's Real Intent

Last Monday, former journalist Campbell Brown announced a lawsuit in New York that is going after teachers' job protections by trying to eliminate due process rights across the country. She has been making the rounds in the media selling the same "blame teachers" line we've heard from Michelle Rhee and right-wing politicians for years. Today on MSNC's "Morning Joe" we pushed back against Brown's attacks on teachers and addressed the real issues facing our public education system.
Click here to watch the clip from "Morning Joe."
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