Executive Committee

There are twenty-six elected members on the AFT Connecticut Executive Committee, including the four lead officers who oversee day-today activities. Together they make decisions implementing policy and goals set by the Convention and Delegate Assembly. The committee meets monthly to make sure the union is working well to fulfill its mission serve its members. 
The current members of the Executive Committee were elected in May, 2015 by delegates to the 68th annual business convention for two year terms effective July 1, 2015.
Division Vice Presidents
  • For Teachers  - Patti Fusco
  • For Nurses and Health Professionals - Lisa D'Abrosca
  • For Public Employees - Chuck Morrell
  • For Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel - Shellye Davis 
  • For Higher Education - Dennis Bogusky *
At-Large Vice Presidents
  • Erin Benham
  • Joanne Chapin
  • David Cicarella
  • John DiSette
  • Mary Ann Goggin
  • David Hayes
  • Andrea Johnson
  • Tom Kuroski
  • Kristen Malloy Scanlon
  • Laila Mandour
  • Donna Maronde
  • Patricia Mitchell
  • Harry Rodriguez
  • James Romano
  • Kathleen Sanner
  • Martha Shoemaker
* The Higher Education Divisional VP position was created in May, 2015 with the adoption by convention delegates of changes to the AFT Connecticut Constitution & Bylaws; at their July, 2015 joint meeting, the Executive Committee recommended and the Delegate Assembly approved Dennis Bogusky as the Divisional Vice President for Higher Education.