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Note - updates on the impact of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak on certified educators and members of PreK-12 local unions will be linked here.
Click here for results of our board of education (BOE) union coalition return to school survey (Jan 11, 2022).
Click here for Department of Public Health (DPH) guidance on mandatory school employee vaccinations (Jan. 4, 2022).
Click here for the state Department of Education (SDE)'s COVID-19 self-test kits distribution plan (Jan. 3, 2022).
Click here for the federal education department website's COVID-19 resources page (Dec. 30, 2021).
Click here for the SDE website's COVID-19 resources page (Sep. 14, 2021).
Click here for our national union's COVID-19 resources for PreK-12 teachers (Aug. 14, 2021).
Click here for our legal counsel's memo on COVID-19 and employment rights (Jul. 27, 2020).
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AFT Connecticut represents PreK-12 educator in school districts across Connecticut and is a proponent for public schools at the local level in members' districts and in the state legislature. From contract negotiations to student testing to pensions, our federation works to protect teachers' rights and provide professional support for members serving PreK-12 youth.
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AFTCT Pres. Melodie Peters talks about working together to improve education.
AFTCT Pres. Melodie Peters talks about working together to improve education.

Gov. Malloy Proposes Boosting ECS by $152 Million Over Bienium

On Feb. 5 Governor Dannel P. Malloy, joined by Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, Department of Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor, and leaders from the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) and the AFT Connecticut, announced a proposal to significantly increase the Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) aid to 117 municipalities, while maintaining level funding to the remaining cities and towns.  The additional aid will also target needed resources and support to the state’s 30 underperforming Alliance District schools.

Tom Kuroski testifies before the School Security Subcommittee.
Tom Kuroski testifies before the School Security Subcommittee.

Newtown Teachers Pres. Kuroski Testifies Before School Security Task Force

The Bipartisan Task Force On Gun Violence Prevention And Children's Safety held its School Security Subcommittee hearing Jan. 25 in Hartford. Newtown Federation of Teachers President Tom Kuroski testified before the subcommittee.

New Brief Addresses Causes, Prevention of Dropping Out

Efforts in recent years have sought to measure dropout rates—and graduation rates—more precisely and consistently and thus compare rates among various schools and districts. Depending on the state, 70% to 85% of students graduate within the traditional four years. Adults lacking a high school diploma suffer from dramatically lower wages—on average only slightly more than half the average wages for high school graduates—and poorer life chances, with lower employment rates, poorer health histories and greater rates of incarceration.

Website Launched to Help Rebuild and Restart Classrooms Across Newtown

A coalition of education leaders joined in the announcement today of the creation of a donation website,, dedicated to supporting the classroom efforts of teachers in Newtown, Connecticut. This effort is part of an ongoing collaboration of national, Connecticut and Newtown leaders in the wake of the recent tragedy.

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