2013 Legislative Summary

The 2013 Legislative Session held numerous victories.

Community Schools Bill Passes Legislature

The House of Representatives passed Community Schools Bill SB 1002 by a vote of 103-34. The Senate had previously passed the bill by a vote of 26-8. The legislation now goes on to Governor Malloy for his signature.

Paraprofessional Advisory Council Bill Passes Legislature

The House and Senate unanimously passed legislation recalibrating the membership of the Paraprofessional Advisory Council so that paraprofessionals would have a majority of representation, making certain that their voices are heard, not diluted.

Workers Affected by Newtown Tragedy to Receive Coverage Through Sandy Hook Workers Assistance Program and Fund

On March 6, the Connecticut General Assembly unanimously passed legislation that will provide coverage for all workers suffering mental or emotional impairment from the tragic shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.

Shital Shah, Asst. Dir. of Ed Issues for AFT, and Sen. Don Williams advocate for community schools
Shital Shah, Asst. Dir. of Ed Issues for AFT, and Sen. Don Williams advocate for community schools

Community Schools Legislation Critical Step in Education Reform

The Education Committee held a public hearing today on Senate Bill 1002 An Act Concerning Community Schools. This bill would establish full service community schools in alliance districts with the goal of bringing together community partners to provide important student and family services at such schools.

AFTCT Pres. Melodie Peters talks about working together to improve education.
AFTCT Pres. Melodie Peters talks about working together to improve education.

Gov. Malloy Proposes Boosting ECS by $152 Million Over Bienium

On Feb. 5 Governor Dannel P. Malloy, joined by Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, Department of Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor, and leaders from the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) and the AFT Connecticut, announced a proposal to significantly increase the Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) aid to 117 municipalities, while maintaining level funding to the remaining cities and towns.  The additional aid will also target needed resources and support to the state’s 30 underperforming Alliance District schools.

Study: States Waste Billions Luring Jobs from Each Other

State and local governments waste billions of dollars each year on economic development subsidies given to companies for moving existing jobs from one state to another rather than focusing on the creation of truly new positions, according to a study released today by Good Jobs First, a non-profit, non-partisan research center based in Washington, DC.

AFT Campaign Takes on Issue of Excessive Testing

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The AFT has launched the second phase of its campaign against excessive testing, Learning Is More Than a Test Score, which will include a policy agenda that takes into account what we learn from teachers, parents and others.

Protect Our Future

Over the next few weeks, President Obama and Congress will be under tremendous pressure during the current lame duck session to avert the looming "fiscal cliff." They will face a series of high-stakes decisions on jobs and taxes that will directly affect working families and their communities. The decisions our elected officials make could begin to close the economic inequality gap in America—or make it worse.

Call your senators today and urge them to support a balanced approach to reducing the federal budget deficit and dealing with the fiscal cliff.

AFT Connecticut endorsed candidates win big on Election Day

IB ImageDespite the influx of millions of dollars from outside sources and candidates, labor won big on Tuesday night.

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