Racial Justice

Better Choices than Suspending Young Students

The question of appropriate, effective responses for student misbehavior was the thorny issue addressed last week when AFT and the Albert Shanker Institute brought together a distinguished panel of experts. The goal was a conversation about positive alternatives to suspensions or expulsions in early childhood education (ECE) -- approaches that have been shown to be age-inappropriate and highly ineffective.
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Toward Racial Equity

More than 30 diverse member leaders from local unions across the country last month gathered in June for the first meeting of AFT’s Racial Equity Task Force. They met in Baltimore, where less than two months earlier six police officers were arrested on charges related to the mysterious injuries that killed 25-year-old Freddie Gray while in police custody.

AFT Organizes First Forum on Racial Justice

Public school and college support staff union leaders from around the country earlier this month gathered to engage in a formative discussion on how to close the opportunity gap for American men and boys of color. The town hall-style event in Orlando was attended by members of AFT's national Paraprofessionals & School-Related Personnel (PSRP) Program and Policy Council (PPC), which includes local leaders from Connecticut.
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