Dues & Finances

2020 - 21 Per Capita Dues
Per member, per month

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Per AFT Constitution and Bylaws (July, 2020), Art. III, Sec 9(d).

Click here for the AFT national memo to affiliated locals and state federations with completed agency fee report (Aug., 2020).

Click here for the completed independent audit of our national AFT union (Jun., 2020).

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Per AFT Connecticut Constitution (May, 2020), Art. X - Secs. 1 and 2 (amended May, 2020).

AFL-CIO Labor Federation Dues: $0.95 (effective Sep., 2019)

Labor Council Dues: Varies

* based on audited figures; 
only applies to private sector locals; 
locals that do not conduct their own audit performed by an independent CPA must calculate fees at 72.55% (AFT national’s Agency Fee rate) of member dues.