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AFT Connecticut represents thousands of public employees in nearly all agencies in Connecticut’s Executive and Judicial branches, as well as the Office of Higher Education. Our members provide a diverse range of vital services; healthcare, vocational education, financial management and planning, probation and child support enforcement, higher education administration and faculty, banking and fiscal regulation, forensic investigations and analysis, and facilities inspection and enforcement.
Click here to access updates on the status of the settlement in the SEBAC v. Rowland class action lawsuit, important court documents and other information.
Click here for our state federation president's update on SEBAC leaders' adoption of a labor cost savings framework (May 23 update).
Click here for a slideshow presentation on SEBAC leaders' framework for protecting jobs and benefits (May 23 update).
Click here for a Q&A document on proposed changes in pharmacy and medical benefits for active and future retirees under 65 (May 26 update).
Click here for a Q&A document that addresses proposed changes to healthcare for Medicare-covered retirees 65 and over (June 5 update).
Click here for a chart reflecting the proposed health plan premium share increases for all available options (June 5 update).
Click here for a Q&A document that addresses the impact of proposed changes for future retirees (June 5 update).
Click here for a Q&A document that lays out the negotiation, member ratification and legislative approval processes (May 26 update).
Click here to send e-mail with questions, comments or concerns regarding the framework (include your full name, cell phone and local union).

Spotlight: Connecticut State Employees, Part II

Last month's union member spotlight featured three public employees concerned about the devastating impacts of a proposed austerity state budget then under consideration by lawmakers. A package that makes deep cuts to vital public services has since been passed by the legislature signed into law by the governor. This month we sat down with three of their colleagues to learn more about the challenges facing a state workforce under increased pressure and operating with reduced resources.
Click here for our previous post spotlighting Connecticut state employees.

Student Debt Clinics Save Borrowers Thousands

The crisis of student debt is holding back millions of Americans, and our union is taking it on not only on a policy level, but one borrower at a time. AFT has begun holding student debt workshops to help individuals drop hundreds of dollars from their monthly loan payments and even qualify for loan forgiveness.

Our Union Members are "Everyday Heroes"

AFT is made up of amazing teachers, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel, higher education faculty and staff, nurses and healthcare professionals, state employees, early childhood educators and retirees. Our national union every two years recognizes some of these "Everyday Heroes" and three members of local unions in AFT Connecticut have been selected as semifinalists for their 2016 awards.
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Comments on Legislature's Passage of "Job Killing" State Budget

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten and AFT Connecticut President Jan Hochadel made the following remarks on tonight's final passage of a biennial state budget package in the General Assembly:
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