AFT Connecticut represents faculty and staff at several higher education institutions across Connecticut. Our members hold diverse positions in their institutions, ranging from full-time, part-time or adjunct faculty to research, clerical, administrative, security staff and more. Though each group of employees may have unique concerns and needs, they share the goals of promoting academic and institutional excellence and securing the workplace rights and respect they deserve as higher education professionals.

Rate rise will put higher education out of reach for many

Millions of American students and their families face sharply higher college costs today as the limit on student loan interest expired in the absence of congressional action and the rate doubled to 6.8 percent for all new subsidized federal loans.

AFT praises decision on race and diversity in admissions

The Supreme Court's June 24 ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin preserves past precedent that universities may consider race and ethnic diversity as one of many factors for admission.

New report blasts working conditions of adjunct faculty

The working conditions of U.S. adjunct and contingent faculty—and, by association, the learning conditions of American college students—came under fire in a report issued Aug. 23 by the Center for the Future of Higher Education.

Senate deal averts student loan rate hike

Just days before the interest rate on new federally subsidized student loans was set to double, the Senate came to a bipartisan agreement that freezes the rate at 3.4 percent for another year, and Congress passed it June 29 as an amendment to a transportation bill.

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