Political Candidate Endorsements

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The AFT Connecticut Legislative and Political Action Committee (LPAC) will review candidate requests for endorsement and make recommendations to the AFT Connecticut Executive Committee. All candidates seeking endorsement by AFT Connecticut shall sign a Statement of Principles for Public Officials.
Click here to send an email to AFT Connecticut's member mobilization coordinator, Teri Merisotis, to request an endorsement. 
Recommendations by the LPAC will be forwarded to the AFT Connecticut Executive Committee's Committee on Political Education (COPE) for final action. The minimum threshold for an endorsement is a two-thirds vote of COPE members who are present and voting.

National Elections
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Our national union’s elected leadership in July, 2015 voted to endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. For working families the  choice is clear; we need to support the candidate with the best chance to win the White House and fight to reclaim the promise of America.
Click here to learn more about the choices in the 2016 elections.

State Elections
Together, the General Assembly and the state’s constitutional officers propose, enact, and enforce laws that directly impact members of AFT Connecticut unions. The vital education, healthcare and public services that students, patients and communities count on rely on good public policy and good politicians to champion it. 
That’s why AFT Connecticut frequently supports candidates for legislative and statewide office who are committed to stand up for all working families at the Capitol in Hartford. The AFT Connecticut LPAC shall be responsible for devising and conducting a screening process of candidates for state office.
Click here for the complete list of endorsed state office candidates and ballot questions in 2014 with final results for each.

Municipal Elections
Members of AFT Connecticut unions understand that "all politics is local" because of the impact of decisions made by mayors, town councils, boards of education and other municipal officials. That’s one reason why AFT Connecticut locals are urged to encourage their members to seek local office. 
AFT Connecticut locals are urged to encourage union members to seek office. The role of AFT Connecticut with regard to municipal elections is to support the work of AFT Connecticut locals. To that end, the AFT Connecticut LPAC shall be responsible for devising and conducting a screening process of municipal candidates.
Click here for a list of endorsed 2015 Municipal General Election candidates who won their races.
This communication is paid for by AFT Connecticut and is intended for members of AFT Connecticut-affiliated unions only. It is not paid for or endorsed by any political party or candidate’s campaign.