John Resendes

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When an uninsured or underinsured patient comes to UConn Health Center, John Resendes is there to help. As the supervisor of patient access, John and his team know how to navigate Medicaid laws and work with the Department of Social Services to get patients the coverage they need.

“We have the highest rate of any hospital in getting patients granted from Medicaid,” says John. Last year 1,500 patients applied for Medicaid grants. John and his team helped 80% get their grants. Many community clinics and agencies turn to John to help people. “It’s a great feeling when we can get someone on HUSKY so they can get the care that they came for and the care that they need.”

Connecticut needs John Resendes. We’re asking legislators to make sure that John Resendes—and other state employees—have the funding they need to continue doing work that matters.